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Bright Blessing Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to Renascentia, which means rebirth. This is where you can Awaken, Expand, Be Empowered, Nutured, Pampered, Soothed, Heal, Refreshed, Tranform and Emerge as the New You.

I am aware that people like you, are naturally intuitive, resourceful and already have the ability to heal yourself and tranform into the person you want to be, you just need assistance to tap into your own resources. I am here to help you cut through the noise in your mind to put you back in touch with your innermost wisdom and truths. To help you reawaken the Natural Self Healing Potential that you have, to bring you into wholeness, so you can walk your path towards full Health, Happiness and Harmony.

Discover the joyous course of action that will re-connect you to the goals that will fulfil all aspects of your Self, with the help of Meditation, Reiki Healing, Crystals Therapy, Colour Therapy, Bowen Fascia Release Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, NLP, Thought Field Therapy, Sound Therapy, Angel Awareness Therapy, Physiotherapy, Kinetic chain Release, Yoga, Yoga Breathing, Breathing Coaching and Energy Healing.

Offering a wide range of Holistic Healing Therapy Courses from beginners to advanced levels and Therapies, all designed to uplift The Mind, The Body and The Spirit as one returns to Health, Happiness and Wholeness.

  • Release Your Potential
  • Learn New Skills
  • Meet Like-minded People
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