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My name is Lynn and I have been through many changes in my life, but through it all there has been lots of growth, learning and realising that in this journey it is not what you have but who you share it with that matters.

What I have learned and can share with you is, on this journey through life if you can connect to your inner known, can remove blocks that stop you going forward and learn to trust the process, you will be your potential. I have walked this path and can show you the way

My goal for each soul that enters Renascentia is to create an experience in which you feel completely and utterly renewed, refreshed, soothed and transformed with honouring, relaxing treatments,that leaves you feeling empowered, balanced,calm and grounded. I am confident I can provide you with specialised attention and an amazingly individual experience. Read on and find out more.

By using my background of Gaia Earth Based Healing, Physiotherapy and Natural Healing to treat every soul as an individual. To help guide you how to reclaim your inner knowledge and healing abilities, by helping you access the sources manifested as symptoms or blocks.

You are an unique soul, with your own needs and hopes and I will treat you in a holistic way dealing with the four parts that makes you the person you are, they are your physical body, emotional part, Spiritual part and your mind, to help you to be back in touch with your inner most wisdom and truth, as you walk in your own path towards full Health, Happiness, Harmony and Wholeness.

In Love and Light


To contact me use the contact page here

Tel or Text: 07955990380
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