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how my Therapies fit together

Being a physiotherapist as well as a Bowen therapist, I feel that these two therapies fit in nicely together and gives me a better understanding of the body and and a wider knowledge of the problems my clients attend with, as well as being able to prescribe exercises and give advice. 

 Being trained in Reiki, Angelic Awareness, Energy Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Crystal therapy gives me the knowledge of how the physical ailments affect the client emotionally, psychology and also what the body is communicating to the client through the physical ailment.

what is happening at Renascentia

Started doing Bowen Technique Therapy and loving the results.
Infact doing a talk at Motherwell Bowling club on wednesday 20th Feb about Bowen and the wonderful results. Come along for 7.30pm and find out more.
On 24th Feb at Alona hotel at Strathclyde park, I am doing taster session of Bowen Technique, Crystal therapy and Angelic Awareness therapy. Come and try these wonderful therapies, £10 for 30mins.
Going to be a fab day starting at 10am.
Looking forward to meeting you and maybe having a chat about the therapies that I offer

Crystal skulls and more

Check out picture of my crystal skulls and Vogel crystal at 
Like it if you want to find out more about therapies and course

what a week

well what a week.
Got my new crystal singbowls on Sunday and they are amazing.Had been playing them Sunday night and the sound was vibrating through the house.
On Monday, My boiler bursted. well the sing bowls had been moving emotion. Alot of water but not much damage.
Saturday doing the first part of the 'Introduction to Crystals' lot of information but I love this course. Everytime I do it I get a wee buzz. The two Students that are onit went home tonight tired but happy.

what is happening

Good evening and welcome
I am really excited because on the 20th June, we have Kyle Gray coming to the
 Ex-Servicemen, Mabel street, Motherwell to Launch is new book, 'The Angel Whiperer' and to demonstrated Mediumship and Angelship communication.  This starts at 7.30pm and you can buy a ticket from the event section of this site.
I did a talk on Crystal at the Ex-servicemen club on wednesday and was thrilled to share my knowledge with others that are so passionate about crystals.
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