Don't detox in January
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Don't detox in January

Welcome Gorgeous Souls,

After the festivities we are all feeling a little out of sort  and see all the wonderful diets and detox  to help us get back on track but don't start you detox right at the moment because your body is still in hibernation mode. 


Yes, please eat healthy but don't detox because our bodies are still needing the fuel to keep us warm for the Winter months.


Energetically January is the worst time of year to choose to detox. The body is tired and cold and needs to be warm, nurtured and rested. All of detox diets that come out in January invariably focus on raw foods, juice fasts and mono diets which can create cold and damp within the body. Late winter as a season is cold, windy and rough on the system, and your body natural seeks nourishment, warmth, grounding and support from the food it eats and the environment it finds itself in.


Ayurveda, India’s ancient health care system, stipulates that a detox/cleanse done in the wrong season can push the toxins deeper into the system and ultimately create imbalances within the body.


The time for detox is spring when the days are getting longer and warmer and our body can deal with the stress of detox.


So until spring, look after yourself, for example


Eat nourishing foods - with root veg, healthy oils, nuts & seeds, meats, nourishing whole grains, food like that. Also season your food with ginger, chilli, garlic and cinnamon, to combat the cold, boost circulation, improve immunity, and help break down large meals.


Cut out sugar- Too much sugar exhausts then adrenals and lowers immunity.


Treat yourself to Massage or Bowen treatment - to help restore your natural glow


Gentle Movement- like Yoga or walking


Be mindful - this is the time for reflection  and being kind to yourself.


Leave the detox for the spring.

Have a wonderful day.

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