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what is Happiness

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What is Happiness
At this time of year we try to get the perfect gift, to see our Loved one’s face light up and make them happy. This is just fleeting happiness. . 

Think of the times you were happy as a child. Was it when money was spent on you or are your memories of time spent with people you love.

In yoga we are taught True Happiness is our natural state and comes from within, not from stuff but by how we make others feel, by random acts of kindness.

Remember the saying ‘it not the receiving but the giving that counts’.

Happiness is when I have stopped the chatting mind and stress by being in the moment. Nothing expected, no attachments,no assumptions.

The best time/gift is the unexpected one, giving with a true, Kind and open heart and given unconditionally.

It doesn’t have to cost anything. Happiness. Love  and kindness are free and how we make others feel, with a kindness, a gentle word, a loving healing touch are free

Have a happy Sunday
Bright Blessing