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Kinetic Chain Release

Cost £395

Train over 2 days to become a Kinetic Chain Release Practioner 


No experience needed,

Have to be 16 and over. 

Would like to become a KCR Practitioner and help family and friends

Start a new fabulous career.

or add to your existing skillset?

Kinetic Chain release (KCR) is proven to be one of the top body realignment proctocols.

as well as non-physical conditions like insomnia, stress and much more.


Contact Lynn - 07866510762 -for more for details and information on courses


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Introduction to Connective Tissue Release

Train over 2 days 

Prerequisites: KCR Foundation course

cost £395

Introduction to Connective Tissue Release is the Second required Foundation course in the pathway to Body Mastery.

You will be taught how to expand your awareness and understanding of the vital, supportive and dynamic interconnective tissue system of tissues that occur throughout the body.

Along side physical techniques you will be introduced to a set of skill that will enhance your own ability to heal and transform physical and emotional states of distress. This therapy can enhance your KCR or other therapies that you offer.


Advance Postural Energetics

Train over one day

Prerequisites: KCR Foundation course and Intro to CTR

​Cost  £195

In this course you are taught how to read the Client's body language being 'spoken' 

during a Postural Energetics session and feel confident to adjust the body and  support the client in releasing their own restriction.

We refer to this as releasing the secret 'healing dance' of the body. This is because by making the slight postural adjustments, the body is better able to release restrictions held with in its connective tissue.




1:1 Yoga Classes


Learn how to do yoga or work on poses on a one-to-one basics, to prefect your yoga before you join a class or to work on injuries and or poses to regain stretch and flexible before going back to a class

cost £50 per hour.

Pm me for more information at yule 


Contact Lynn - 07866510762

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